If you have never been camping before or never been camping as a family get ready to make some remarkable memories that you will treasure the rest of your life! Camping is not your typical trip, it’s an adventure. You are not going to a hotel, you are going camping! We put a list together that might help you prepare and make your stay at Acorn Acres even more enjoyable! Read on to learn more!

Camping Accommodations

1.Select the right campground for your family

If you and your family are looking for a traditional camping experience and you want to completely disconnect from the world for a few days, then camping at Acorn Acres is probably a good fit for you.

2.Research the available accommodation options at the campground

Almost all campgrounds offer tent camping and RV sites, but some now offer cabins, like Acorn Acres. We offer electricity and more at some of our campsites.

3. Determine if pets are allowed at the campground

If you plan to vacation with your pet, before you make a reservation, you need to know whether pets are allowed at the campground and if so, what documentation (if any) is needed as some campgrounds require you to show your pet’s registration and vaccination records. Make sure you know the campgrounds policies before you get there!

4.Consider renting an RV for your stay

If you’ve thought about an RV vacation but don’t own one, it’s now easier than ever to rent one. Many dealerships rent RVs, many campgrounds rent RVs.

5.Make a packing list

You don’t want to arrive at your campground and realize that you’ve forgotten a key item so making a packing checklist is very helpful. Some items that campers might not think to include on that list include chairs, flashlights and batteries, sunscreen, bug spray, water bottles, cooking/eating utensils, toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste, hand sanitizer, and paper towels.

6.Plan your meals in advance
Start by simply determining how many meals you’ll be preparing and compile some quick and easy menu ideas.

You can go with traditional campfire favorites such as hot dogs or quesadillas or you can go a little fancier and cook items such as steak or kabobs. One of our favorite breakfast ones is to pour pancake batter into a soda bottle. Then you can easily squeeze out what you need and save the rest for later. If you do forget something or something spoils maybe there is a Domino’s near by!

7.Don’t forget the s’mores

Graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows. You can probably find sticks at the campground but you might want to bring some.

8.Check the weather before you depart

One of the best things about amping is spending time outdoors. If there’s a chance of rain during your stay, be sure to bring umbrellas, rain coats, extra towels, and extra changes of clothes.

9.Arrive early and enjoy

The earlier you arrive, the more time you will have to enjoy all the campground’s amenities and activities once you’ve unpacked. At Acorn Acres, that means more time at the pool or laketime, mini golf or rec time.

Have fun

Camping with your friends and family is meant to make memories. The process of planning and packing for your camping trip might be a little frustrating at times but once you arrive at your destination, be sure to sit back, relax, and just enjoy all the benefits of being outside on a beautiful summer day. Every family is different so be sure to do your research and take advantage of the camping amenities and activities that will make the most of your trip for you and your family.