Family camping can be a fun time for the whole clan, but in an age when we increasingly rely on technology, it can be hard to tear yourself away from your phone screen. If you’re looking for ways to get your family more involved in camping and make it a fun experience for everyone, here are a few helpful tips:

1. Taco Night

Who doesn’t love tacos?  Did you know you can  grab snack bags of Fritos, Doritos or Tortilla Chips and put your favorite taco meat and fixings on top and wallah! You have Tacos in a bag! You can thank us later.

2.Solar-Powered Lights

This are not only great for your campsite at night and for safety but also make great night light if one of your little ones are a afraid of the dark.

3.Scavenger Hunts

Research your campground before your family vacation. Make sure to check out our map. Make your treaure map for each contentest and set them loose with their map!

4.Bring a Telescope

You will be under the open skies for a few nights. What could be more fun than a campfire and a telescope. See you if can spot the big dipper but don’t stay up past your bedtime!

Don’t let your family trip be a bore! Have more fun with the simple tips!