Seasonal Dates: Seasonal camping begins April 16, 2021, and ends on October 11, 2021.

Seasonal Site Deposit: A $400 non-refundable deposit is required by August 29th , to confirm a seasonal site for next year.

Seasonal Site Balance: All seasonal sites must be paid in full prior to May 15, 2021

Trailer/Camper Insurance: Current proof of insurance must be provided to the office annually.

Winter Storage: Winter Storage is $319.05 (including all taxes) and must be paid in advance before the close of the season.

Payment schedule: Payment schedule is $400 monthly from October 1st until May 1st.

Site Deposit/Payment: Nightly/Weekly/Monthly site reservations require a 50% deposit paid at time of reservation.  Cabin reservations require full payment at time of reservation.

Payments: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express are accepted for transient sites and cabin rentals, however cash or check are required on all seasonal sites.

Overdue Accounts: All overdue accounts will be charged interest @ 1.5% per month

Electric: $50 electrical deposit required for all seasonal campers.

Cable Television: Use of cable television requires either a seasonal fee of $150, $60 monthly, or $5 per day.

Site Occupants: A campsite consists of one trailer or tent and includes two adults and their three children, under the age of 18.

Vehicle: If your vehicle does not fit on your site, it must be parked in the overflow lot.  No vehicles are to be parked on the grass or on vacant sites.

Shed/Screen house: One screen house or shed, which must be pre-approved by the office (sheds can be no larger than 7’ X 7′ by 6′ high)


Decks: Decks must be in separate 4′ X 8′ sections or smaller. Each individual site plan must be approved by the office prior to construction.

Fires/Firewood: No outside firewood is allowed at the campground.  Fires must be contained to the provided fire rings/pits.  Fire must be kept to a safe and reasonable size and extinguished when unattended.

Site Adjustments/Modifications: Prior approval must be obtained from the office before obtaining new items, digging on your site, or driving stakes into the ground.  This includes, but is not limited to decks, sheds, golf carts, trailers, lawn ornaments, flower boxes, etc.

Stone: Adding rocks, pebbles, and/or stone to the site is not permitted.

Seasonal Guest Pass: Additional family member (adult): $100 per season/per person.
All seasonal guests must register at the office each time they visit and park in provided parking area.

Guests: All guests must register at the office each time they visit and park in provided parking area.  Guests Fee(s) are $6 per person/per day, $6 per person/per night.  Children under the age of 5 are free.   Guest fees apply to children over the age of 18.

Pets: Seasonal sites are permitted to have (2) non-aggressive dogs registered to their site.  An updated current copy of their rabies certificate must be provided to the office every year prior to the animal being on premise.  Guests are not permitted to bring pets at any time.  Dogs must be on leashes and owners must clean up after their pets.   Pets that disturb other guests quit enjoyment will be prohibited.

Security Gate: Passes will be issued at the beginning of each season — $20 deposit per pass for registered site owner(s) only.  Passes will be returned at the close of each season.

Laundry: Individual washers and dryers are not allowed.  Laundry facilities are available on premise from April-October, charges per machine vary.

Speed Limit: The speed limit within the campground is 5mph everywhere.

Golf Carts: All golf carts must be registered with the office and pay a $100 registration fee. Proof of insurance must be provided with a $500,000 minimum of liability coverage.  Golf carts may only be operated by registered site owner(s).  Nighttime operation of golf carts require lights.  Gas powered golf carts cannot be operated after 11:00pm.  All passengers must be seated.  Golf carts must adhere to the 5mph speed limit.

Pump Out Service: Pump out service is for $20 (additional fee for emergency requests will be applied). Service request must be scheduled by 3pm Monday. Our regular pump out service is scheduled on Thursdays (April-October).

Departure: Departing from the campground voluntarily/involuntarily at any time prior to the end of the season will result in termination of the seasonal rate and will revert to the transient current site rate.  If you have been asked to leave Acorn Acres Campground, 135 Lake Road, Bozrah, CT 06334. You must leave the property immediately, or you will be considered a trespasser.

Camper Sales: Campers are not to be sold during the season.  If you do choose to sell your camper, it must be removed from the campground property along with all items on your site (decks, sheds, golf carts, grills, screen house, etc.  No refunds!

Trailers/Campers: Trailers/Campers older than 10 years require management approval.

Pool/Pond Use: Campers acknowledge Acorn Acres Campground does not provide supervision or lifeguards at the pool or pond.  Swimming is at your own risk.  Signing In/Out at the pool is required.  Children under the age of 18, must be supervised by an adult.  Pool hours are subject to change.  Pool is open Memorial Day-Labor Day.

Campsite: Your campsite may only be used for recreational camping and does not create legal residency in the Town of Bozrah for you or anyone occupying your campsite.

Cancellation Policy: Reservations are confirmed only when a deposit is received, or a valid credit card number is provided.  Cancellations must be made prior to seven days before the reserved arrival date.  A $25 bookkeeping fee will be applied.  Cancellations made within seven days of the reservation date will be subject to a fee equal to the full amount of the reservation.

Refund Policy: No refunds for holiday weekends or conditions beyond our control, such as, but not limited to bad weather.

Reservations: Weekend reservations require a 2 night minimum and holiday weekend reservations require a 3 night minimum.  Holidays include: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Indigenous Peoples’ Day.  Minimum stay requirement may also apply to certain theme weekends.

Acorn Acres Campground property is privately owned and the management reserves the right to refuse service(s) to any person or group of persons.  The campground is not responsible for any loss of property, injury, accidental or otherwise to campers or guests.

If you have questions about any of our policies, please contact our office during posted office hours at (860) 859-1020 or acornacrescampgroundct@gmail.com.

Enjoy your stay!

All rates are subject to change without notice.  Activities and theme weekends are subject to change without notice.