Weather in New England during the fall tends to fluctuate very quickly. One second it is warm and sunny and then the next it is cool and wet. While it can hard to predict how the weather might change from day to day, you can prepare for anything by packing smart. When planning your fall camping clothing, it is important to bring a variety of layers so you can adapt to the weather and stay comfortable. When it comes packing a variety of layers and clothing options you can easily start to over pack. So we have provided you with a some tips on what to pack for fall camping.


Start with a base layer made of light and breathable fabric that keeps your core insulated and warm. Choose a material that wicks away moisture to keep you dry, such as wool, polyester, fleece, nylon or silk. Never wear cotton clothing for your base layer, as it absorbs sweat and moisture and will only make you feel colder.


When choosing your mid-layers, pack a few different options so you can adjust to the changing temperatures, such as fleeces, sweaters and light jackets. Be sure to bring a good outer layer that is wind and water-resistant. Bringing rain gear, such as a poncho or rain jacket and pants, is also a smart idea for camping in the fall. If your regular hiking boots are not waterproof, you may want to bring a second pair that is.

Remember, heat escapes through your head, so one of the easiest ways to stay warm on chilly days is to wear a warm hat. Toss your favorite beanie in your camping bag in case you really need to bundle up. Your hands and feet can also get cold quickly, so always bring warm gloves or mittens and warm socks that will keep your feet dry. Wool or synthetic materials are a good choice.

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