Packing for camping can be tough, especially if you are new to camping. You might be worried about if you’re packing too much or not enough, but what about items that should NOT pack at all. Here’s a list of what not to bring camping on your next adventure trip.

Expensive or Your Favorite Clothes

If you are an uninitiated camper, then you might think like this is the occasion to wear that shirt you love, or that super-cool-one-of-a-kind sweater that keeps you warm and lookin’ snazzy. However, anytime you’re camping there’s a risk that your clothing will get torn, singed, dirty, or stained. Camping is when you should leave the fancy stuff at home, and instead wear something casual or workout clothes. Bring clothes and shoes that you can move in freely, hike comfortably, and will keep you cool or warm depending on the season.

Large Food Containers

When it comes to packing food for your camping trip, more doesn’t always mean better. While it might seem like bringing family-sized containers is the easiest option (especially if you’re camping with a large group), but actually this can make it a lot harder when it comes to food prep. Large containers tend to take up more room in the cooler, and are harder to navigate when searching for smaller items. Having large containers of food at camp can also lead to food waste if ants attack or ice runs out. Instead, pre-plan and pack food in meal or serving-sized containers. Not only do these containers take up room the cooler but perishables can take up room in your tent or camper.

Anything Scented

One of the top thins not to bring camping is anything that is scented. Scents, especially floral varieties attract bugs, especially mosquitoes. In-fact, scented deodorants and soaps can also attract bugs, so it’s best to wash with unscented soap before heading outdoors. Smelling like nothing is always the best way to avoid pesky stings and bites.

Bonus: Body odor and dirty clothes (especially wet clothes) can attract bugs. Change your clothes occasionally when camping, and if there’s water nearby, use it to rinse off every once-in-a-while during your stay in the great outdoors- especially if you are staying for a long period of time.


If you’ve ever broken a glass, then you know how difficult it can be to clean up. Breaking a glass outside can be even more problematic because you can’t simply sweep the shards of glass away like you can on a flat surface.

You might not be the type of camper that walks barefoot through the campsite- this is not recommended- but when it comes to the lightweight fabrics that tent floors, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and gear bags are made out of, there’s a serious risk to you and future campers of gear damage from an un-found piece of glass. Leave the individual bottles of beer in the fridge, and opt for cans. So when you are packing up your meal-time kit, stick to using enamel coated mugs / titanium cupsand metal dishes.

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