Outdoor activities with the family are an important part of growing up and can be a very enjoyable experience. Well what can be more enjoyable than fishing at the pond when camping? Regardless of the size of the pond or lake, a clean bank or a pier it is a recipe for a delightful outing with family and friends. Whether you are using live bait, like a cricket or wiggler, or artificial you can experience permanent memories with your family.

What  great opportunity to teach kids and grandkids how to fish. Casting an artificial lure with an ultra light or learning to swing the bait and bobber with a cane pole, are building blocks for a lifetime of fishing experiences. There is no better place to teach these skills than at the pond at Acorn Acres.This can quickly lead to more fishing excursions and maybe even create a young fishing partner to fish with you.

Ponds are outdoor classrooms:

The pond can be the perfect outdoor classroom to teach the mechanics of fishing…tying a knot, baiting a hook, adjusting a float, casting a lure, removing a fish from the hook, or even preparing the fish for an evening meal. There are countless lessons to be taught and carried with our youth throughout their lifetimes.

The pond provides much greater educational opportunities than fishing; it is an example of how proper management and stewardship result in renewable recreational resources. You can teach young people the responsibilities of stewardship and the management efforts, such as fertilization, weed control, supplemental feeding and selective harvest that are necessary to achieve excellent fishing.

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