As the cold weather continues to roll in don’t lock up your RV for the season, utilize it! Come and park your RV in at Acorn Acres for some quick access to winter fun. This home on wheels is a great way to experience and enjoy the weather elements of winter without having to be stuck outside with it. Throw on those thick winter socks, warm up in a comfy sweater, cuddle under a fuzzy blanket and enjoy winter camping all from the comfort of your RV.

Experience Local Hotspots

Just like any other time of year there are tons of fun things happening in towns around your camp. Do a little internet research or ask a staffer at Acorn Acres about local recommendations to do. Especially camping in New England can leave you around some of the most picturesque small towns that are a delight to view.

Activities in the Snow

If you want to brave the cold, then what better activity than playing in the snow. There are several activities to do right outside of your RV with no special equipment needed for activities like snow angles, building a snowman, or just having a snowball fight. You might also consider going snowshoeing around the campground. Are you parked near hills? Bring a sled and enjoy some snow sledding.

Nature Watching

For the less adventurous types, or for the days you don’t want to engage in a rigorous activity then you can spot active animals on the prowl in white snow. So take out the binoculars and follow some adventurous birds as they flit through barren tree branches. Listen to the sounds of snow melting becoming water and trickling into rivulets on the way to nearby streams.

Do Your Hobbies

Just because it is cold doesn’t mean you can’t do what you love. If you are an avid photographer then snap some shots of people and animals in the snow. Anglers who love to fish on a fine day add an extra level of challenge ice fishing.

Utilize the Inside of the RV

Nothing is better than warming up inside your RV after spending a long day outside in the cold. Take a break from the outside elements and maybe watch TV, read a book or do a crossword puzzle. One of the benefits to RV camping is the luxury of going inside and having a kitchen, and cozy bed. You can help yourself warm up by heating some soup, making hot chocolate or even baking cookies. Also if the weather conditions are too severe to enjoy, stay inside and do indoor activities with the family, like play games.

Build a Campfire

You can start up the fire pit and stay warm while outside. Building a campfire can be a quick way to get into the camping spirit. If you are feeling friendly then maybe ask your RV neighbors to join you for a fireside social. Grill some hotdogs, make some s’mores, or just enjoy the fire.

Camping in your RV can be the perfect solution for enjoying camping. It’s also the perfect place to come back to at the end of the day to warm up.

Let us know what you’re favorite RV Camping activities are

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