Camping is a great american outdoor activity, and often one that’s done more than once a year by those who absolutely love it. Camping can be fun with the whole family. There are lots of fun things to do besides sitting around the campfire or roasting s’mores. You can fish, hike, swim, explore the woods, or just play games like cornhole. However, it’s not always easy, especially with toddlers. Here are a few things you should do to spare you a headache when camping with toddlers:

  1. Don’t Forget Sunscreen!
    This is for everyone for that matter but even more important for the little ones. You should also have swim shirts.
  2. Pack Everything!
    It’s never a bad idea to be over prepared. Think you might need it bring it. You would rather over pack then wish you brought it.
  3. Games and Entertainment
    It’s party time so get the floaties ready, toys for the sand, and plenty of things to do. Don’t forget to bring toys for your own un as well!